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Baseball Helmets

There are many options when looking for baseball helmets. Choosing the right batting helmet can be a tough job. You need to take many things into account. For example, you are still growing so you need to leave enough room, but it can't be too loose. Also, how much you are willing to pay for a baseball helmet. Last thing is how comfortable you feel and which brand you prefer. Many things can be spinning around your head, but hopefully this will simplify the process.

Batting Helmet Pricing and Comfort

Batting helmet pricing and comfort are very important factors you need to consider when looking to purchase a baseball helmet. You first need to decide what your price point is. Just like everything else, obviously the more expensive models are a little better quality and more comfortable. Some great brands who make high quality batting helmets are All-Star and Easton. These companies are top of the line baseball companies and make great affordable helmets.  If you are willing to pay a little more, companies like Under Armour, Mizuno, and Rawlings should also be considered. 

Being comfortable at the plate is vital to any at bat. If you aren't comfortable, chances are you won't get a hit. So, choosing between all of the available baseball helmet models is a very important task. A comfortable is extremely vital. It can be tricky to tell when your baseball helmet is too big. It is obvious instantly when it's too small because it won't be able to fit on your head. A quick test to see if the helmet is too loose is to use the shake test.  When you put the baseball helmet on, shake your head back and fourth fast, if the helmets moves on your head and shifts a lot, it is too big. There should be a little movement so don't worry if that happens. This is the most efficient way to tell if it fits. Baseball helmets that are too loose will not provide the protection you need to avoid injury when the helmet is impacted by a baseball.  Plus there will be a tendency for the helmet to fall off while you round the bases.  This will leave you vulnerable to injury on the basepaths.

Safety is the number one priority when it comes to baseball helmets. Anyone who has been hit in the head knows it can be a scary scene. But, it is good to know that your batting helmet will protect you while your on the field. It makes hitting a little bit easier. People who want extra  protection should look to add a jaw guard. Check out our selection of baseball helmets below.

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