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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Rawlings Batting Helmets

Getting the most information you can before you choose your batting helmets will help you select the best model for you or your team's needs.

Is Rawling's the Official Baseball Helmet of the MLB?

Yes, Rawlings is the manufacturer of the baseball helmets for the Major Leagues. However, the MLB helmets typically have a single ear flap. Most leagues including High School and College leagues require ears with both ear flaps.

What is the Proper Fit for a Batting Helmet?

You want the helmet to be snug. If the helmet fit is loose, the helmet will not protect the player properly. In addition, it will have a tendency to fall off while running the bases thus leaving the player unprotected from errant throws. If the helmet is too tight, it will be uncomfortable and cause headaches. However, when you first put on the helmet it should feel a little bit too tight. That is ideal as the interior padding will compress over time to form to the shape of the players head. This ultimately will provide the best protection.

Do Baseball Batting Helmet Safety Certifications Expire?

No, the NOCSAE certification does not expire. However, if the interior padding starts to break down, it is time for a new helmet as the protection will not be the same.