Rawlings CoolFlo T Ball Batting Helmet RCFTB

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Rawlings CoolFlo T Ball Batting Helmet RCFTB

Rawlings CoolFlo T Ball Batting Helmet RCFTB

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Rawlings CoolFlo TBall Batting Helmet RCFTB Features:

The Rawlings CoolFlo T-Ball Batting Helmet RCFTB is a T Ball batting helmet meant for beginning players. Rawlings has been building elite-level equipment for professional players for decades. Now, they have included that same level of craftsmanship for T-ball equipment. Rawlings understands that building confidence in the game when first starting out, that is why they wanted to develop protective gear for players just starting out. The Rawlings CoolFlo T-Ball Batting Helmet RCFTB is completely compliant with NOCSAE standards. This means that despite the fact that the ball is stationary on a Tee, the Rawlings T ball helmet will be able to withstand balls thrown in excess of 80 MPH. This doesn t seem like overkill when you consider the precious cargo this helmet will be protecting. More than that, players need to learn how to play the game comfortably with a helmet on as that is something that takes a bit of an adjustment.

Rawlings T-Ball Batting Helmet

Younger players are sure to love the fact that Rawlings CoolFlo T-Ball Batting Helmet RCFTB is built using MLB inspired designs that are taken right off the heads of some of the game s best. Now young children can see their favorite players on TV wearing a helmet that looks just like their own. Adding to this appealing aesthetic is the molded finish that comes on on the Rawlings t ball helmet. This molded finish keeps the helmet from feeling or looking to bulky while at the plate or on the base paths. It may come as no surprise that even t-ball players want to look like stars. With this in mind, Rawlings has built a helmet that practical for beginning ballplayers. It also looks like a helmet a real ballplayer would wear. Building that sense of camaraderie and confidence in children so young is crucial to building that lifelong love of the game.
  • Meets NOCSAE
  • MLB inspired design
  • Molded finish
  • 6 1/4 - 6 7/8