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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Left Handed Catchers Mitts

If you have any other questions about our left handed catchers mitt models, please email your questions to customerservice@baseballbargains.com .

Do all Catchers Mitts Come in Left Hand Throw?

No, not every catchers mitt is available in a left hand throw model. Since the catchers position is predominantly played by right hand throwers, there are only a limited number of left handed catchers mitt models.

How can I tell if the Model is Offered in Left Hand Throw?

If you are looking at one of our catchers mitts on our site, there will be a throwing hand drop down menu in the listing. If the glove is offered in left hand throw, there will be an option stating such in the drop down menu. You can also check all of the models up above as we have compiled a full list of all left hand throw catchers mitts that we carry on this page.

Which Left Hand Throw Catchers Mitts are the Best?

Unfortunately, most of the top of the line catchers mitts are offered in only right hand throw models. This is because the demand for those models in left hand throw, are very limited. However, you will find high quality leather left handed catchers mitts in our list above from All Star and Shoeless Joe. The All Star CM3100BT is probably our most popular high end catchers mitt for left hand throwing catchers.