Easton Blackstone 33.5" Catchers Mitt BL2

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Easton Blackstone 33.5" Catchers Mitt BL2

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Easton Blackstone 33.5" Catchers Mitt BL2

The Easton Blackstone 33.5" Catchers Mitt BL2 catcher s glove combines both toughness and comfort in a way most gloves can t. Get ready to play great and have your hands feel great while your doing it behind the plate.

A great catcher s mitt needs to be tough, yet also comfortable on the fielder s hand. This is a combination that can often be difficult to find in a catcher s fielding glove. But, when turning to Easton and their new line of Easton Blackstone gloves, it is no hard at all. The Easton Blackstone BL2 is made out of incredibly tough material, and offers its users a comfortable hand interior. Catchers can expect this glove to protect their hand better than ever before, and here is why.

Easton Catchers Glove

Catchers will appreciate that all of the Easton Blackstone gloves come made out of SELECT COWHIDE leather. This material looks awesome in a catcher s mitt style, but more importantly, makes the glove super durable. This will likely be a glove catchers can use behind the plate for multiple seasons, without it wearing down. The material of this glove is super soft and is made to be game ready almost immediately after you purchase it. This Easton Blackstone 33.5" Catchers Mitt BL2 is also one of the most comfortable mitt s around. It s hand-oiled leather palm liner gives users a terrific feel on their glove hand. With all of the aches and pains catching players have to deal with throughout a season, having a better feeling glove hand will be a major bonus.

The product also features rolled leather wetting, which gives the player wearing it improved finger articulation. It also gives the glove a better pocket shape. The glove comes complete with professional rawhide lacing. This lacing not only looks attractive, but gives the glove the tensile strength of 100 pounds, allowing a catcher to never lose a ball in their webbing. This item has a very professional appearance. This glove is available for right handed and left handed throwers . It features a 33.5-inch catcher pattern design. With the Easton Blackstone BL2, catchers can expect a much higher standard of durability and comfort. This is not surprising at all, since the glove comes from one the best baseball equipment providers around. Order this incredible glove today, and get ready to achieve more than you ever have before with it.

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