Mizuno Franchise 33.5 in Catchers Mitt GXC90B4

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Mizuno Franchise 33.5 in Catchers Mitt GXC90B4

Mizuno Franchise 33.5 in Catchers Mitt GXC90B4

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Mizuno Franchise 33.5 in Catchers Mitt GXC90B4

For catchers looking for a great glove to use during their next season, purchase the Mizuno Franchise 33.5 in catchers mitt GXC90B4. This glove looks great, and is sturdy and durable enough to meet all the needs of the serious catching prospect. Do not let the opportunity to buy this fine product pass you by. Make sure this glove is on your hand this year when you walk up to your position behind home plate. What help makes this product such an attractive buy, is that it s extremely well-constructed. It has been made with Bio Soft Leather material, giving users a professional style smooth leather on their hands. It is 33.50 inches wide, and very light on the user s glove hand. This is truly the perfect glove for the right handed and left handed throwing catcher. The construction of this glove leads to the perfect balance of leather and oil. This gives the glove a great feel inside the mitt, and provides players with the firm control and flexibility that they truly need while squatting behind home plate. Another great feature in this Mizuno glove is its patent pending Heel Flex Technology. This technology increase both the flexibility and closure of the catchers mitt. The product also has a durable steer soft palm liner. This helps make the glove a long-lasting choice, that player may end up using for many seasons to come.

Mizuno Franchise Catchers Mitt

Why waste your money on a mitt each season, when you can get a Mizuno Franchise catchers mitt at an affordable price. The Mizuno Franchise 33.5 in catchers mitt GXC90B4 has a professional and attractive appearance as well. This Mizuno Franchise catchers mitt features professional level lacing, which provides the same durable lace that is in the professional level Mizuno gloves. This baseball fielding glove comes from one of the best and most reliable sporting goods companies in the business. This manufacture has been around for over a century, and knows what players truly need to succeed out on the field. When it comes to sporting goods equipment that you plan on using at a frequent level for multiple years, going to an experienced seller like Mizuno is never a bad idea. If you are hoping to have an MVP caliber year behind the plate this season, do not miss out on this item. The Mizuno Franchise 33.5 in catchers mitt GXC90B4 provides everything a catcher needs to succeed out on the baseball diamond this season. The item comes at a great affordable price as well, making it something you need to add to your baseball collection.

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