Shoeless Joe 34 inch Baseball Catchers Mitt

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  • Shoeless Joe 34 Shoeless Joe 3200CM Baseball Catchers Mitt
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Shoeless Joe 34 inch Baseball Catchers Mitt | 3400CM

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Shoeless Joe 34 inch Baseball Catchers Mitt 3400CM Features:

This Shoeless Joe 34 inch catchers mitt is part of their Player Series. The 3400CM catchers mitt has their extreme impact protection foam padding. This padding is in the palm area of the glove. It absorbs the impact of the pitch and lessens the impact on the palm of the catchers hand. Thus, the sting of a hard fastball is not as noticeable. This is a very useful design feature for the everyday catcher. With constant abuse the catchers hands tend to get bruised and become very sensitive during the season. Thus, with the Shoeless Joe 34 inch catchers mitt 3400CM, you can play everyday injury free.

Shoeless Joe Catchers Mitt

The Shoeless Joe 34 in Baseball Catchers Mitt will allow you to make big time stops behind the plate. Any Catcher would be more than lucky to have this glove. Constructed from the most durable leather around, this glove will not break down over the course of a season. The break in period is almost non-existent and you will be able to use this glove in no time. When you first take it out of the box, you may think it is going to take a long time to get it to be game ready. However, the Shoeless Joe 34 inch glove will be game ready in almost no time at all. You will notice a significant amount of break in after just a 30 minute game of catch.

Shoeless Joe CM3400

With a glove that breaks in so quickly you might think that it won t last you very long. That is simply not the case. You will have the Shoeless Joe CM3400 in you equipment bag for many seasons to come. Purchasing this catchers glove is a very wise investment. You will love the soft feel of the leather once you break it in. It would be a major mistake to pass up on this amazing glove.
  • 100% leather
  • Require little to no break in time
  • Closed Web
  • 3400CM
  • 34 inch catchers mitt