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Infield Gloves

To start, let's look at the adult infield gloves. In the infield, you need different styles for different positions around the diamond. Up the middle at shortstop and second base, you need the same style. Wilson produces some great middle infielders gloves as they have to be short and wide. So, you need a flat pocket as well to transfer the ball as fast as possible. In Wilson's arsenal, they have DP15's which is the glove designed for Dustin Pedroia. At third base, you need to find the glove that has some length to it, and has a pretty small pocket. As seen many times, third baseman have to have very good range to reach balls out of their side, so you need a large glove. But, at the same time you need an adult baseball glove that offers a pocket that isn't too big. This is because like middle infielders, you need to make fast transfers and move the ball fast. 

First Base Gloves and Catchers Mitts

At first base, you need the glove that companies design for first baseman. These gloves, however, need a huge pocket and the ability to scoop balls in the dirt. They have a rounded close for the easiest possible way to pick the ball. Wilson, Mizuno, and Rawlings all make world class gloves for this position. Also, they make these gloves for first baseman who are very dedicated and gloves for the less involved player. Next, as a catcher you need the glove that they have designed for catchers. Catchers Mitts are available from any one of these companies as they all make great catchers gloves. Wilson makes one of the most popular catchers gloves in the A2000. But, All Star takes the cake as the most popular adult baseball glove with their CM3000 series.

Adult Outfield Gloves

Lastly, there are outfield gloves. As an outfielder you need your adult baseball glove to have a huge pocket, and they have to be very long. Also, they have to be able to close fast as you make a diving play or one on the run. Many companies make some great outfielders gloves, but the ones that lead the pack are Mizuno and Rawlings. Rawlings top shelf option is the Pro Preferred series. These gloves have all the attributed desired and you will have the best glove on the market. They are seen most in the majors for outfielders.