Mizuno Franchise GXF90B4 12.5 in First Baseman Mitt

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Mizuno Franchise GXF90B4 12.5 in First Baseman Mitt

Mizuno Franchise GXF90B4 12.5 in First Baseman Mitt

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Mizuno Franchise GXF90B4 12.5 in First Baseman Mitt

Many would argue that the first baseman is the most important player in a team s infield. So this baseball season, make sure the player covering first base on your team has a great year. Do this, by equipping them with a Mizuno Franchise GXF90B4 12.5 in First Baseman Mitt. This item, which comes at a great price, and is an item you absolutely need in your dugout this year. This well constructed mitt will help your first baseman really flash some leather this season. The kind of leather they will be flashing is high-quality Java, which makes up the material of this Mizuno glove. Its 12.5-inch size make it a great choice for players looking to add a youth to intermediate sized glove to their collection. This Mizuno Franchise GXF90B4 12.5 in First Baseman Mitt comes both pre-treated and pre-oiled by the expert manufacturers at the Mizuno company. That means the glove will be ready to go out onto the field, as soon as you are. This level of treatment gives the glove an extremely high durability level. While other fielding gloves may lose shape and flexibility after just one season, this item will not. Why waste money on a new glove every spring, when you can buy this long-lasting item at an affordable price. What helps make this product so durable, is its Hi-Low lacing. This lacing is to help make the glove s pocket and single-post web sturdier. As a result of this your ball will be more likely to hit the center of your glove. The item, which is made for both right hand and left hand throwers, will also help keep your glove hand protected while out on the field. Its Parashock Plus palm pad comes strategically located across the key pressure points of the hand. This technology helps reduce the pain and strain a fielder may feel when catching a hard hit or thrown ball. The glove looks great too. Teammates and opposing players will be amazed by how professional looking your first baseman s glove is.

Mizuno First Base Mitt

This baseball fielding glove comes from one of the best and most reliable sporting goods companies in the business. This manufacturer has been around for over a century, and knows what players need to succeed out on the field. When it comes to sporting goods equipment that you plan on using at a frequent level for multiple years, going to an experienced seller like Mizuno is never a bad idea. For those hoping to someday become a franchise player for their baseball team, make sure you purchase this fantastic glove. The Mizuno Franchise GXF90B4 12.5 in First Baseman Mitt provides all of the durability and comfortability a first baseman needs to succeed while out of on the baseball diamond. Make sure your first baseman is able to save your infield a few errors this season, by providing them this fantastic fielding glove.