Akadema Prosoft Ambidextrous 12 in Baseball Glove

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Akadema Prosoft Ambidextrous 12 in Baseball Glove

Akadema Prosoft Ambidextrous 12 in Baseball Glove

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Akadema Prosoft Ambidextrous 12 inch Baseball Glove

The Akadema Prosoft Ambidextrous 12 inch baseball glove is a very unique model. There is a word that describes people who can accomplish tasks with both their right and left hands: ambidextrous. Being ambidextrous in the game of baseball is rare, but does on occasion happen. We have recently seen the first ambidextrous pitcher make it to the Major League Baseball level. If you are a gifted player with the ability to throw right and left-handed, Akadema has the glove for you. The Akadema Prosoft Ambidextrous 12 in Baseball Glove features a special design that allows defenders to switch glove hands on the field without having to switch gloves.

Ambidextrous Baseball Glove

This is an incredibly useful tool for ambidextrous players. It can also be a useful extra glove for a team to have in a dugout. You never know when a player will be in need of an emergency mitt. This glove is not only great because of who it can accommodate, but also because of its awesome Prosoft design. Prosoft gloves, like the Akadema Prosoft Ambidextrous 12 inch Baseball Glove, help defenders gain distinct advantages in the field. One way they give players an advantage, is by providing them with a glove that is game-ready as soon as you order it. There is virtually no break-in time needed for this mitt. The item also feels incredibly light on a fielder s hand. No matter what hand you have this glove on, it will not feel weighed down. You will be as quick as a cat in the field with this model. You will also love the unparalleled fit that this glove provides. Once again it does not matter which hand you are using in the glove, the fit on your hand will be downright fantastic. This glove model comes in a 12-inch size, and should be great to use at a large range of positions and in a large range of situations.

Switch Pitcher Glove

The Ambidextrous glove ABX00 has gained notoriety with the emergence of Pat Venditte. Pat pitched collegiately for Creighton University. He was drafted by the New York Yankees in 2008 and made his MLB debut in June of 2015 with the Oakland Athletics. In his debut he became the first MLB switch pitcher, pitching both left and right handed in the same inning. His ambidextrous glove that allowed him to switch easily from one hand to the other became know as the switch pitcher glove. This 12 inch glove from Akadema has a similar design, and is deserving of the name of a Switch Pitcher Glove. The Akadema cares about every athlete s needs, including their ambidextrous ones. With this amazing Akadema Prosoft Ambidextrous 12 in Baseball Glove now available, ambidextrous should have a better baseball experience than ever before. Order now!