USA Bats

USA Bats:

USA Bats sever as the new bat standard, allowing youth baseball organizations to reach their goal of wood like bat performance. Think of it as a precursor to BBCOR at the amateur age level. Mainly because that is exactly what the USA baseball bat standard is, just the youth counterpart of such. Supplied with a diminished barrel and velocity upon arrival, a USA Bat emphasizes safety and mechanics. For if you do not square up the ball with a fine tune swing, the ball will not travel where you want it to. These USA bats 2018 models bats also serve as implementers of uniformity among leagues. For if everyone used the same certification, the playing field would become as leveled and balanced as possible. That is the goal of the USA baseball bat standard.

USA Bats 2018 Standard Attributes:

Coming marked with a USA Baseball licensing logo on the taper, a USA Bat will make itself known. In addition to its visible trademark, you can't miss that distinct sound it makes either. It is like the fusion of natural wood producing a non metal sound. While at the same time, it is performed by an aluminum piece of offensive hardware.

National Organizations with New USA Baseball Bat Standard:

As the governing body for the sport of baseball in the United States, USA Baseball will, as of Jan 1. 2018, institute this standard in the following national member organizations:
  • American Amateur Baseball Congress (AABC)
  • Babe Ruth / Cal Ripken Baseball
  • Dixie Boys Baseball
  • Dixie Youth Baseball
  • Little League Baseball
  • PONY Baseball
All of the leagues listed above will require bats that adhere to the new 2018 USA baseball bat standard. Due to the change, the bats currently on the market that are marked with a 1.15BPF stamp will no longer be considered legal for play within any of the above listed leagues. However, these updates do NOT apply to USSSA youth baseball bats from hereon out. Put your trust in a USA Bat 2018 model, and then only good things will follow. But take a gamble with holding onto the past, and you will experience your own mini George Brett episode. Avoid the controversy by barreling up with a USA Bat 2018 model today. It is the first small, and logical step to take in a career that, ideally, will end up spent taking giant leaps later on.

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