Easton ADV1 360 Composite USA Drop 12 Baseball Bat YBB23ADV12

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Easton ADV1 360 Composite USA Drop 12 Baseball Bat YBB23ADV12

Easton ADV1 360 Composite USA Drop 12 Baseball Bat YBB23ADV12

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Easton ADV1 360 Composite USA Drop 12 Baseball Bat YBB23ADV12

The Easton ADV1 360 USA drop 12  baseball bat YBB23ADV12 is lightweight and powerful. It will turn any good hitter into a great one, and any great one into a bona fide superstar. Slick feeling and slick performing, the Easton ADV1 360 bat is an offensive essential. With barrel to handle stability, no other bat in the market compares to its ability to combat diminished swing velocity with an infinite supply of power.

USA Bats in general perform more like wood bats. But what the drop 12 ADV1 360 model provides that makes it unique is the opportunity for youth players to get ahead of the curve from the very onset. In addition, It helps them to know that in order to go far in the game, they ll have to hone in mechanics and form. For unlike the bats of the past that were built with more pop, if you don't square up the ball and maximize your bat speed, you will not be happy with the result. This Easton ADV1 360 USA drop 12  baseball bat YBB23ADV12 allows you to do both. So, we can say you will be happy If you take this Easton bat into the batter's box with you.

Easton USA Baseball Bats

Easton USA baseball bats own the market.  Since the inception of the USA bat certification, Easton has been the industry leader.  Year after year, they offer more USA bat models than any other manufacturer.  This is because Easton knows that all hitters are not the same.  Each player has different needs when it comes to their bat. So, Easton USA bats are available with all different features.  Be sure to check out what each model has to offer before you buy one of these great Easton USA baseball bats.

Easton ADV1 Baseball Bat

The Easton ADV1 baseball bat is one of the most exciting one-piece offensive weapons in the game. All thanks to the always reliable Easton. A company that prides themselves on offering only the best. So why try your hand elsewhere? Plus, with them, you know you will get comfort, performance, and style. The Easton ADV1 360 USA drop 12  baseball bat YBB23ADV12 is no exception.  Having even the slightest edge over the pitcher makes all the difference. So buy your Easton ADV1 baseball bat from Baseball Bargains today.

  • Launch Comp™ – Launch Composite Technology combined with 360 Engineering for 360 degrees of barrel-tuned precision, optimizes the barrel profile and pushes the limits of performance
  • Power Boost™ - Patent-pending “Soft Knob” technology provides hitters more leverage and power potential, while reducing vibration and improving comfort for the bottom hand
  • The Carbon Zero Handle is built from 90% carbon fiber and constructed with a zero-degree layup, creating an extra stiff handle for almost zero vibration and an ultra-solid feel
  • Speed Cap™ provides a more flexible and responsive barrel with a natural sound on impact
  • Speed Balanced swing weight provides optimized barrel length and balance point for fast swing speed
  • -12 Weight Drop
  • 2 5/8" Diameter Barrel
  • Flow-Tack Grip
  • Certification: USA Baseball
  • 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

ADV1 360TM -12 (2 5/8")



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