Easton Speed Composite USA Baseball Bat Drop 13

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Easton Speed Composite USA Baseball Bat Drop 13

Easton Speed Composite USA Baseball Bat Drop 13

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Easton Speed Composite USA  Baseball Bat Drop 13

The Easton Speed composite USA baseball bat drop 13 is an affordable lightweight full composite offensive weapon. The bat is constructed with Easton's Hyperlite composite that is extremely light and produces the fastest swinging bat on the market. The Carbon Zero handle is extra stiff and all but eliminates vibration to provide an ultra solid feel when you make contact with the ball. This USA baseball bat is set to take the industry by storm this season. 

For young players to be successful at the plate they must be able to control the bat and they must be able to get the bat through the hitting zone with authority. The Easton Speed composite USA baseball bat drop 13 provides young hitters the ability to achieve both requirements to succeed offensively.  

Easton Composite Bats

Easton composite bats are the prime choice of serious players year after year. This is because, these bats have continuously outperformed the models of their competitors time and time again.  So plain and simple your search for the perfect bat should start and end with Easton composite bats.  Easton bats offer different types of composite material to produce bats that offer enhanced swing weight, balance, and stiffness.  All of the Easton composite bats available are designed with a needs of a specific type of player in mind.  Each model meets the needs of a different type of player.  Once you determine your needs, you will be able to choose the Easton composite bats model that will be best for you.

Easton Speed USA Bat

The Easton Speed USA bat will help young players make solid contact consistently.  The ultra light weight barrel allows players maximum control throughout their swing. The 2 5/8 inch diameter barrel provides a large hitting surface to assist in putting the ball in play. The Easton Speed USA bat is designed for the young player who struggles getting the drop 10  bats through the hitting zone.  The composite construction combined with the maximized swing speed produces line drives all over the field.  Get your youngster the Easton Speed composite USA baseball bat drop 13 and watch them succeed at the plate.

  • Hyperlite™ Composite - Engineered with Hyperlite™ Composite, Easton’s lightest composite material, for the fastest swinging youth bat in the game
  • The Carbon Zero Handle is built from 90% carbon fiber and constructed with a zero-degree layup, creating an extra stiff handle for almost zero vibration and an ultra-solid feel
  • Speed Cap™ provides a more flexible and responsive barrel with a natural sound on impact
  • Hyperlite™ swing weight for the most speed behind the ball at contact
  • Cushioned 2.2mm Flex™ grip provides comfort in hands
  • Certification: USA Baseball
  • Sizes: 26in. 13oz., 27in. 14 oz., 28in. 14 oz., 29in. 16 oz., 30in. 17 oz.

SPEEDTM COMP -13 (2 5/8”)