Easton ADV 360 Composite USA Drop 10 Baseball Bat

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Easton ADV 360 Composite USA Drop 10 Baseball Bat

Easton ADV 360 Composite USA Drop 10 Baseball Bat

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Easton ADV 360 Composite USA Drop 10 Baseball Bat

The Easton ADV 360 composite USA drop 10 baseball bat features a new Launch Composite technology. This combines with 360 engineering to provide an precision tuned barrel.  The carbon handle features the new Dynamic Feel system that creates an extra stiff handle and best in class feel. This bat has the patent pending Power Boost soft knob technology that provides hitters more leverage and power potential. This also reduces vibration and improves the comfort for the bottom hand.

Easton Baseball Bats

Easton baseball bats constantly feature enhancement to increase the performance for the hitter.  The Easton ADV 360 composite USA drop 10 baseball bat features a two-piece iSo CONNEXION technology that supplies more power through the hitting zone. These Easton baseball bats have been re-designed for an enhanced feel. In addition, the Easton ADV 360 composite USA drop 10 baseball bat has a massive sweet spot with an added layer of power. Lastly, these Easton baseball bats have an Ultra-thin 29/32 carbon handle that includes increased cushioning with its flow tack grip.

Do you want the top Easton bat that will help you perform your best? Then look no further. This Easton ADV 360 composite USA drop 10 baseball bat  is the model for you. This Easton ADV bat is the headliner of the new Easton USA bats. Check out all of the Easton USABAT bats for sale. These new USA baseball bats are the most popular right now. But, if you know baseball, then you are not surprised that an Easton USA bat is the leader in the marketplace. Be sure to check out their complete line of youth USA baseball bats for sale.

Easton USA Bats

Easton USA bats are the top performing USA certified bats. With the USA baseball bats certification comes bats that will create wood-like performance. Similarly to the institution of BBCOR at the upper amateur ages, they prevent injuries with decreased velocity upon the ball making contact with the bat. USA regulates the altered trampoline effect of bat barrels. However, unlike the Drop 3 length-to-weight ratio restriction for BBCOR, Easton USA Bats will not have a drop weight limit. So take advantage of the opportunities these Easton baseball bats provide by purchasing any one of their Easton USA bat models.

With an unparalleled 2 5/8 barrel, Easton has helped popularize USA Bats by building top-of-the-line products with their formula. When you put your faith in Easton, you can trust that they ll come through in the clutch for you, time and time again. They are the number one producer of USABAT for sale. So why look elsewhere for a USA bat? Since you know what you re getting with Easton bats, these Easton baseball bats are the right choice. Start your path to the pros today by buying your Easton ADV 360 composite USA drop 10 baseball bat from Baseball Bargains!

  • Launch Comp™ – Launch Composite Technology combined with 360 Engineering for 360 degrees of barrel-tuned precision, optimizes the barrel profile and pushes the limits of performance
  • 2-Piece iSo CXN™ construction - New lighter iSo ConneXion™ made with proprietary Nitrocell™ foam isolates the handle from the barrel for a solid feel and more power through the zone
  • Power Boost™ - Patent-pending “Soft Knob” technology provides hitters more leverage and power potential, while reducing vibration and improving comfort for the bottom hand
  • DFS™ Carbon Handle - The new Dynamic Feel System™ carbon handle is built from 90% carbon fiber creating an extra stiff handle, designed to provide best in class feel
  • Speed Cap™ provides a more flexible and responsive barrel with a natural sound on impact
  • Balanced swing weight provides optimized barrel length and balance point for fast swing speed
  • Flow Tack Grip - custom bat grip provides the ultimate feel, cushion and tack
  • Certification: USA Baseball

ADV 360TM -10 (2 5/8")



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