Easton Reflex Alloy USA Baseball Bat Drop 12

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Easton Reflex Alloy USA Baseball Bat Drop 12

Easton Reflex Alloy USA Baseball Bat Drop 12

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Easton Reflex Alloy USA Baseball Bat Drop 12

The Easton Reflex Alloy USA baseball bat drop 12 is an offensive juggernaut. It is ideal for the youth batter who seeks the double digit, lightweight length-to-weight ratio bats to aid in their success while they grow and increase strength. This USA baseball bat provides maximum swing speed and bat control..

This drop 12 bat uses ALX100 Military Grade Alloy for a fast swing speed. Additionally, the bat features an Ultra-thin 29/32 tapered handle with a cushioned and tacky All-Sports grip. Lastly, the bat is completed by a Concave end cap that contains all the power that's just waiting for you to release it.

Do you want to remain a struggling hitter at the bottom of your team's lineup, or do you want to take your game to the next level and rise to the top? With the Easton Reflex Alloy USA baseball bat drop 12, your success at the plate will flourish. Better bat control means more contact. More contact means more chances for hits. It's that simple.

Easton USA Baseball Bats

Easton USA baseball bats provides a wood-like performance and an enhanced barrel to compensate for the diminished exit velocity required to satisfy USA Baseball certification requirements. The USA certification requirements are designed to protect young ballplayers from injury via the shorter distances it takes for a harder ball to travel and do significant physical damage.

The Easton Reflex Alloy USA baseball bat drop 12 is available in four different sizes: 27in. 15oz., 28in. 16 oz., 29in. 17 oz., 30in. 18 oz. Such a variety lends the bat the chance to satisfy many different size ballplayers within the youth levels. Thus, the bat will not discriminate. Everyone has the equal opportunity to use it as their weapon of choice. Therefore, you will find many players rocketing shots all over the diamond with one of these Easton USA baseball bats this season.

The proof is in the power of its promises. Those who know Easton well understand their knack for coming through in the clutch. Those who don't will know soon. So see for yourself by purchasing the Easton Reflex Alloy USA baseball bat drop 12 from Baseball Bargains today!

  • -12 Length to Weight Ratio
  • 2 5/8 Inch Barrel Diameter
  • 1-Piece ALX100 Performance Alloy
  • Concave End Cap
  • Cushioned 2.2mm Flex Grip
  • Approved for USA Baseball
  • 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty