Web Types

Web Types

Web Types

Baseball gloves come in a variety of different models, all of which are engineered with a specific purpose that allows them to be used effectively at individual positions. The focal point of these designs are the web patterns. These distinguish each glove for different areas of the field. One of the more common web types used by younger players is the Single Patch Web. This web uses solid leather layers held together by Double-X laces to systematically reinforce the pocket and create a more complete catching surface. The solid construction makes for a more synchronized closure that cradles the ball but still allows for quick transfers. As a result, the Single Patch Web is most adept for infield play.


Trap Webs are another pattern that lends itself well that incorporates a solid leather structure and specially engineered lacing to create an ultra responsive catching surface while increasing stability in the pocket. The Trap Web and Modified Trap Web are incredibly flexible in the center. However they remain structurally supportive on the outer ridges. This webbing surrounds the ball better than most patterns and is ideal for infield as well as outfield play.


A Basket web is best for infield play due to the full-closed pattern and the shallow pocket. This is ideal for quick transfers. One of the most endearing aspects of this web design is that it comes full welded to the pocket of the glove. This provides a complete fit and feel that players like Derek Jeter have utilized throughout their careers.


The I-Web is an infield exclusive design. It is a very popular pattern. What makes the I-Web so appealing is the flexibility it creates. Also, the ability it has stop the spin of the ball once it makes contact. The I-Web also works well with a reduced pocket designs for better transfer times.


The H-Web is one of the most common web patterns on the market due mostly to its versatility. This allows it to work for both outfield or infield models. The strategically placed posts that create the signature “H-Shape” are perfect for shielding a player’s eyes from the sun when tracking fly balls or sky-high pop ups. Single Post and T-Webs are similar to H-Webs in their look and feel put provide additional stability that allow them to be used on first baseman’s mitts and larger outfield models. Like the H-Web, Single Post Webs reduce unwanted spin and help secure the ball into the pocket. Good Luck choosing web types.

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