Rawlings Gamer XLE: Game Ready

Rawlings Gamer XLE: Game Ready

Rawlings Gamer XLE

The Rawlings Gamer XLE is a great choice for any player to make. These gloves are a top of the line option and will last you a long time. These gloves got the name Gamer's because they come 80% broken in when you get the. Nobody likes to break in their gloves as it is a very annoying task. Also, if you have to buy this glove in season you want to use it right away. With the Gamer, that is possible after a couple of rounds of catch. These gloves are perfect for all player who play the middle infield, third base, and the outfield. And, if you need a glove to pitch with, it works for that as well. They make models for all of these positions and you will be able to use a Rawlings Gamer XLE wherever you play in the field.

Infield Gloves

In the infield, these gloves are money. They have everything a infielder needs. When you play up the middle, you need a glove with a smaller pocket. You want a glove with a smaller pocket in order to have the ball in the same spot every time you take it out. You will need to make fast transfers and won't have time to look down. So, an infield glove with a smaller pocket makes it easier to find the ball and get rid of it a lot quicker. If you play third base you need a couple of different specifications. You want to keep the pocket smaller in size as well as you also need to make fast transfers. But, the length of the glove has to be longer. When that happens, you are able to make more plays because you will have a couple more inches of range.

Outfield Gloves

In the outfield, it is imperative you have specific features to your glove. While you play in the outfield, you need a glove that has a very deep pocket and is very long in length. When you have a glove that has a very deep pocket, you are able to hang on to all the balls hit your way. It is difficult to hold onto the long fly balls or the diving catches. So, the deep pocket does a good job holding the ball. The length is good as well as you will be able to make the outstretched plays you weren't able to make before.

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