Baseball Mitt: Buying Guide

A baseball Mitt is a very important piece of equipment and it is arguably the most important piece of equipment a ballplayer has. You need to have incredible confidence in your glove to perform your best and to feel comfortable on the field. Choosing a baseball glove can be a difficult process as there are so many factors to consider and there are so many gloves. Some factors to consider when purchasing a baseball Mitt are the brand and the position you play. These factors should ultimately determine what glove you choose to purchase. Here is a buying guide to finding the best baseball mitt for you.


There are many great brands out there, but it is important to purchase your mitt from a brand that has a reputation of manufacturing great gloves. Some of these top brands include Wilson, Mizuno, and Rawlings. These brands have a great selection of models and finding one for you should not be a problem. When brands have products this good, it does not go unnoticed. All three of these brands provide many Major League ballplayers with their equipment. Adeiny Hechavarria and Andrelton Simmons both choose Mizuno. Troy Tulowitzki and Franciso Lindor both sport Rawlings products. Lastly, both Carlos Correa and Brandon Phillips use Wilson gloves. If these pros chose these brands, then why not you?

Baseball Mitt by Position: 

The position you play is probably the most influential factor in what model you purchase. Finding a baseball mitt that suits the needs of your position is absolutely vital. This ultimately determines the size and pocket depth of the glove. So, if you play the middle infield you should be using a glove from 11" to 11.75". In that range the smaller sized models (11" and 11.25") will allow a player to get rid of the ball with ease. Also, these mitts tend to have shallower pockets. The larger sized baseball gloves (11.5" to 11.75") will allow a player more surface area to catch the ball. These larger gloves tend to have deeper pockets. In the end the baseball mitt  you use is entirely based on your preference and what you want out of it. We have a great selection of mens baseball mitts. Use this guide to help you choose your next mitt If you follow what is said in this guide finding the best baseball mitt for you should not be a problem. So, if you want to improve your performance purchase a new glove today!

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