Best Baseball Glove - How to Choose the One for You

The best baseball glove can make all the difference in encouraging your son or daughter to play the game. The right equipment can help them catch the ball quickly and throw it to the right base. With poor equipment, they are more likely to be ineffective and doubt their own skills. So what constitutes the best baseball glove? We shall consider all the criteria to help you make the best decision. Every single player has a baseball glove. That is their primary tool. They use it to stop ground balls, catch pop-up flies and receive the ball from other players. You might not be surprised that different players have different types of gloves. This key accessory is usually tailored to the exact specifications of each player. So, let us go over the primary baseball positions and the ideal gloves for them.

Gloves by Position

The catcher receives the ball after every pitch. He needs a large glove to create a great target for the pitcher. It will usually have a large center section for cradling the ball. The pitcher is usually going to concentrate on his curves, sliders and fast balls. He will want a glove that can hide the ball before delivery. Infielders need a glove that allows them to stop ground balls and throw them to the right base quickly. The first baseman will also need a larger glove to catch the ball. Outfielders need a good glove to catch pop up flies. Glove care might involve removing any mud clumps, drying wet gloves out and kneading leather oil into the glove to keep it supple, soft and flexible. Some suggest “breaking in a new glove” to make it flexible. When you first get a glove, it is stiff like a starched shirt. You break a new glove in by making it more flexible - you also might put a ball in the mitt and tie it closed to create a curved shape. You want your glove to feel comfortable on your hand. Sharp leather edges could hurt your hand.

The Best Baseball Glove Also Depends on Age

The best baseball glove will also be age dependent. The typical range for youth gloves is from 9 to 12 inches. The adult gloves will usually be between 12 to 15 inches. There are also right-handed and left-handed gloves. The best baseball glove is right for your age, position and hand. It will be supple enough to catch the ball and firm enough, so the ball does not hurt your hand. Check out your options and find the best baseball glove for you. Play Ball

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