Rawlings Heart of the Hide: One of the Best

Rawlings Heart of the Hide: One of the Best

Rawlings Heart of the Hide - One of the Best Series in Baseball

Two premier series of baseball gloves are the Heart of the Hide series and the Pro Preferred series. Most other companies only have one premier series in their lineup, but Rawlings features two different ones. This is so players that like different leather types can still get a great leather that fits them. The Rawlings Heart of the Hide series uses Genuine Steerhide leather in its construction. This leather is extremely tough, durable, and strong for players that like a stiffer glove. The Pro Preferred series uses kip leather which is lighter and is for players that like feeling quicker with their hands. My personal favorite series on the market today is the Heart of the Hide series. Like said before the Steerhide that Rawlings provides for players is impeccable. it combines the top 5% of hides around and bonds them together. This forms a leather that features the best of best. So, the leather features the best features from these leathers. So, from one leather you get a softer feel, but yet you get the sturdy feel from another glove. This formula only equals success as you get the best of every world. Plus, there are an insane amount of options in the series for you to choose from.

Different Styles

Among the Rawlings Heart of the Hide series, there are many different styles of gloves. There are gloves for everyone, and all positions. This Rawlings series features gloves for catchers, first basemen, infielders, outfielders, and pitchers. So, no matter what position you are on the field, there will be a great option for you. Also, you are not stuck with only one style. There are different colors and webs for each position. So, not only will you get to pick the glove that is perfect for you, playing wise, you will also get the perfect looking glove for you. So, by now you should understand the true value of the Heart of the Hide series. If you are looking for more information on this series, go to the Baseball Bargains website. Here, you will be able to look at specific product descriptions and find the perfect glove. Although, this is a very popular glove series, it may not be your favorite. So, look for the perfect fit for you.  

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