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Fungo Baseball Bat

Fungo Baseball Bat

One of the most unique bats on the market is the fungo baseball bat. Not the typical baseball bat, it is a coach's practice tool. Fungo bats are known for being lightweight bats but still maintain the durability of a normal bat. Typically made with lightweight woods, you'll find that fungo bats are made with ash, bamboo and Chinese white woods. Coaches will use these bats to knock pop fly's, line drives and grounders in practice. Super lightweight, its easy to manipulate to produce consistent accurate results. [product_tag tags="fungo-baseball-bat"]

Why use a Fungo Bat?

Made to facilitate infield and outfield practice, fungo baseball bat models are a great addition for a coach. Coaches love how light these bats are because they can use it for hours or tireless fielding practice. Controlled hitting, gets pop fly's to the outfield, grounders to the infielders and line drives ranging from one side line to the other. With the added control, coaches can even make tougher plays for their players. Bettering their ability to make tough plays they couldn't normally do without that extra practice. A fungo baseball bat can better prepare your players for their upcoming game! While the bat lacks mass, it makes up for it with bat speed and control. So hack away with your fungo baseball bat, because the diamond is your playground. So, purchase a fungo baseball bat to help improve  your team this season. Come by Baseball Bargains and check out our selection!
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