Rawlings MLF5 37 inch Fungo Bat

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Rawlings MLF5 37 inch Fungo Bat

Rawlings MLF5 37 inch Fungo Bat

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Rawlings MLF5 37 inch Fungo Bat

The Rawlings MLF5 37 inch Fungo Bat is very similar to the famous MLF6 Fungo Bat that Rawlings also produces. The biggest difference between the two bats is that the Rawlings MLF5 is a 37 inch bat, giving you a few extra inches. The added length is typical for outfield use. You get a little more loft and can drive the ball further with the extra mass provided with the additional length. Coaches looking to improve their team s defense must have a fungo bat in their equipment bag. Thus, you will be able to hit countless grounders and deep fly balls to your team with minimum effort.

Rawlings Maple Fungo

Thus Rawlings Maple Fungo is made up of North American Maple which is durable and long lasting. These are features you should be looking for with any piece of equipment. However, these features are vital for a fungo bat. The typical fungo bat shape leads itself to breakage. Even though you will not be hitting a pitched ball, you will still miss hit some baseballs. That is why the durability is so important. You do not want break this important training tool with a miss hit. The Rawlings MLF5 37 inch Fungo Bat has a thin 7/8 inch handle. This 7/8 inch handle allows for a firm grip which is essential for coaches hitting infield/outfield practice. Many coaches also add a bat grip to the fungo bat to enhance the grip and provide comfort. You will be taking a lot of swings so addition comfort should be welcomed. The Rawlings MLF5 37 inch Fungo Bat is exactly what every coach needs to execute the perfect fielding practice. The fungo bat gives you the ability to hit grounders. line drives and high fly balls with ease. So add this important tool to your shopping cart and purchase today. You will be glad you did!

  • North American Maple
  • 37" length
  • 7/8" diameter handle
  • Barrel: 2 1/4"
  • Laser engraved barrel with cupped end
  • MLF5