Rawlings 114RAF Ash Fungo Bat

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Rawlings 114RAF Ash Fungo Bat

Rawlings 114RAF Ash Fungo Bat

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Rawlings 114RAF Ash Fungo Bat

The Rawlings 114RAF Ash Fungo Bat is one of the best practice tools available on the market today. Fungo bats are specifically made for coaches to hit balls into the infield and outfield for fielding practice with minimal effort. Coaches will take countless swings trying to improve the teams defense. He or she need a bat that will not wear them out. Therefore this model is a wise choice and here is why.

Rawlings Fungo Bat

It has an extremely light feel and provides an effortless swing for anyone hitting infield/outfield practice. Rawlings constructs it from durable, lightweight ash wood. This makes it easy to swing and control. When using a regular bat to hit fielding practice you will notice the difference in weight and swing balance. Thus, you will become fatigued. As a result, you will mis-hit the ball more frequently wasting valuable practice time for your team. The Rawlings 114RAF Ash Fungo Bat has a hollowed out barrel and has a cupped end. This is all done to lighten the bat. Rawlings is always looking to improve their products. That is why they have been around so long. They are the top name in the industry. So, if you are looking to purchase any baseball equipment, you should always look for Rawlings first. And, if you are a coach, you should also have a fungo bat in your team bag. Therefore, you should be looking to purchase the Rawlings 114RAF Ash Fungo Bat to add to your teams equipment bag. So, add it to your shopping cart today, and start training your team to achieve Gold Glove status.
  • 35"
  • 2 1/4" hollow barrel for ultra-lightweight design
  • cupped end
  • Northern Ash
  • 114RAF