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13 inch Baseball Glove

13 inch Baseball Glove

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Coming in with large expectations, a 13 inch baseball glove can help you cover the field. This size glove gives you the ultimate reach and flexibility to make the best defensive plays this season. The abundant size and power in a 13 inch baseball glove is a strong suit for first baseman and outfielders, but can also be worn by infielders. Worn for any position, they'll be a great edition to your equipment arsenal. [product_tag tags="13-inch-baseball-glove" orderby="popularity"]

The Perks Per Position

First baseman have a high trafficking position, always aware of the base runner and need to be ready for incoming throws. The 13 inch baseball glove has a crazy wide body and the deepest pockets, so there's no way you'll let anything get past you this season. The web designs are also spectacular for increasing your field of vision. The popular double and single H webbing allows you to see through and track down the baseball. Especially if you have to stretch out and dig into the dirt, you need all the visibility you can get. To add, outfielders can also benefit greatly from these style 13 inch baseball gloves. Thirteen inches of glove doesn't seem like a lot in comparison to an entire outfield, but every inch counts. The large pocket style, transparent webbing  and wide body is a blessing for any outfielder. One of the worst enemies of a fielder is the sun. A lot of the time players use their glove to block it out but risk not having their glove in the right position. The visibility through the webbing makes it easy to locate a pop fly while keeping your glove open and ready. Infielders other than first baseman typically have smaller gloves for easier transitions to their throws. But it's not always the right way to go. A 13 inch baseball glove can slow things down, giving you more time to get proper footing and throw it on the money. A brand new 13 inch baseball glove from baseball bargains is only a click away!
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