Nokona SKN-3-BL 13 inch First Base Glove

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Nokona SKN-3-BL 13 inch First Base Glove

Nokona SKN-3-BL 13 inch First Base Glove

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Nokona SKN-3-BL 13 inch First Base Glove

The Nokona SKN-3-BL 13 inch First Base Glove uses a combination of Japanese CalfSKN and American Bison leather to create a defensive force. The Japanese CalfSKN gives the glove a durable outer shell, a technical edge, and a strong structure for great performance. The American Bison leather provides players with a super comfortable feel that also helps to protect the hand from sting. Both of the leathers are game ready; thus creating a short break in process and allowing for immediate play. The leathers are also lightweight, which allows players to still move quickly without sacrificing an ounce of performance. The Nokona SKN-3-BL is 13 inches in size, which creates a wide pocket deep enough to keep balls secure. This is perfect for players at first base, who need to sometimes reach to catch wild throws. This huge pocket, along with its H-Web, acts as a big net for anything that is coming your way. In addition, the chestnut brown and rawhide tan color gives the glove a great, classic look. Look and play great with the Nokona SKN-3-BL 13 inch First Base Glove. Pick yours up from Baseball Bargains today!


For decades upon decades, Nokona has been at the forefront of premium ball glove production. With their team of skilled workers, they handcraft gloves with the utmost care and confidence. They take the best ideas of the past and the present and put them together. By doing this, Nokona tailor-makes their gloves for the future, not only keeping their legacy going but also providing you with outstanding gear. Season after season, they use only the best to make the best so you can play at your best. The Nokona SKN-3-BL 13 inch First Base Glove will allow you to guard the corner with ease. Take your game to the next level with the Nokona SKN series. SKU: SKN-3-BL