Mizuno Pro GMP2 300FBM 13'' Baseball First Base Mitt

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Mizuno Pro GMP2 300FBM 13'' Baseball First Base Mitt

Mizuno Pro GMP2 300FBM 13'' Baseball First Base Mitt

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Mizuno Pro GMP2 300FBM 13 Baseball First Base Mitt:

The Mizuno Pro GMP2 300FBM 13 Baseball First Base Mitt is a defensive haven. It is the place where base-hits go to die. Whether you re stopping balls from sneaking through the hole, or scooping errantly thrown balls out of the dirt, it is important for first basemen to wear an excellent piece of defensive hardware. This glove serves as just that, turning any average defending first basemen into a picking machine. If you want the glove that will make you standout, then look no further. Many times, a first basemen will go unnoticed or overlooked because they are out of their natural position. So when an infielder makes a great play, the first basemen is expected to complete it. If they miss the ball, they might end up in the hot seat and receive much of the blame. With the Mizuno Pro GMP2 300FM 13 glove, the first basemen will never fear this scenario ever again. All they will have to do is focus on their mechanics, form, and footwork, and let the glove take care of the rest. What other company can beat that reliability?

Mizuno Dependability:

With Mizuno comes three things: comfort, performance, and style. At 13 , the Mizuno Pro GMP2 300FM is a glove that is just as easy to slide on and off the hand as a regular glove. Additionally, the glove is as durable as mot Mizuno products are. This guaranteed long last is an essential perk. Especially for first basemen dealt the responsibility of having to make an average of more than 10 put outs per game. Buy your Mizuno Pro GMP2 13 Baseball First Basemen Mitt today and you will be helping preserve wins for your team this season and for many years to come! SKU: 312595