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Wooden Baseball Bats

Wooden baseball bats will allow you to feel like a pro when you step up to the plate. When you move up in the game of baseball, the game changes. You start off in tee ball, then to coach pitch, then to live pitching. As you grow, the game of baseball grows as well. Wooden Baseball Bats are the final stop before collegiate baseball. Most high school leagues have embraced the BBCOR rule. This style of metal bat acts more like a wood bat, rather than metal. But, many summer leagues at the high school level require the use of a wooden bat. This allows for faster games, and less injuries to fielders. You can do damage with wooden baseball bats, but BBCOR bats are still metal. You can definitely hit it harder with a BBCOR. But, most leagues have moved on to wooden bats. This has brought about a new style of baseball, and new equipment. 

Wood Bat Pricing

Pricing, when it comes to wood bat models, can be a difficult thing to understand. If you buy a quality made bat, it will be more expensive. But, you have to think of the upside this bat brings. These bats are much less likely to break, allowing for hitters to be more confident and spend less time buying new bats. When you buy the cheaper bats, they are more likely to break. So, if you play casually, you may want to go with a less expensive model. However, if you are playing in serious wood bat leagues, you will be wise to go with a higher end model wood bat. So, choose a great wooden baseball bat from our selection below, and feel confident at the plate.


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