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Wilson Glove for Pitching

Developed by Wilson Master Craftsman Shigeaki Aso and Gold Medalist Cat Osterman, the Wilson Pitching Glove is not just for baseball pitchers. Softball players enjoy Wilson pitching gloves just as much. They are lightweight and comprised of hand crafted leather where the player needs it most. Woven fabric also exists in places meant for flexibility and durability. Moreover, Wilson pitching gloves can handle youth through adult play. Wilson gloves for pitching are typically 12 inch models and usually have a closed web. The combination of size and web allows pitchers to hide their grip of the ball to avoid tipping off what is coming to the hitter. Professional softball player, Monica Abbot, always wears a Wilson A2000 pitchers glove on her hand. The 2018 A2000 MA14 GM with red super skin, to be exact. This A2000 pitchers glove has a long lasting break in point. As a result, it withstands continuous play from season to season.


Frequently Asked Questions About Our Wilson Pitchers Gloves

Getting the most information you can before you choose your glove will help you select the best model for your needs.

What Makes a Pitcher's Glove Unique?

Typically the size and the webbing are unique to a pitchers glove.  Most pitchers use a twelve inch model and all pitchers use a closed web.  The twelve inch since gives a large enough pocket to allow the pitcher to change his grip, while the closed web conceals that movement to keep from tipping off the hitter as to what pitch is coming.

Do MLB Pitchers use Wilson Pitchers Gloves?

Wilson pitchers gloves are extremely popular in the Major Leagues.  Just turn on any MLB game and you will see multiple pitchers using a Wilson glove.  Clayton Kershaw has his own A2000 signature model that you can buy here at Baseball Bargains

Do Pitcher's Gloves offer Enhanced Protection?

That depends on the model you purchase.  There are less expensive models that do not use the high quality leather you get in an A2k or A2000 model, so your hand will not be as protected.  But, it you go with one of the high end Wilson Pitching Gloves, you will have the utmost protection.