Wilson A360 12 inch Youth Baseball Glove

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Wilson A360 12 inch Youth Baseball Glove

Wilson A360 12 inch Youth Baseball Glove

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Wilson A360 12 inch Youth Baseball Glove 

The affordable Wilson A360 12 inch youth baseball glove is designed to help the young player get off to a great start. The construction of this glove is one of the best in the youth game. This glove could be the reason for the success of your youngster in the field. Here is why this glove is a terrific choice for young players.

Wilson Gloves

Wilson gloves have been leaders in the industry for over 100 years.  When purchasing a baseball glove, you want a durable glove that will last more than a couple seasons. Well with full pigskin material on the palm and web area, this is a super durable glove. one thing for sure is that it will not let young players down. You will save money in the long run as well, because your kid will wear the same glove for several seasons.

The sleek look of this glove will be loved by all youth players. The glove has an Aso Web, a specific pattern designed for youth players. This model comes in a 12 inch size.

There is a reason Wilson gloves are the choice for so many top level players. This great company continually releases better and more innovative baseball gloves with each passing year. They work hard to allow fielders to be at their best at every single level. Other glove companies might only focus on their adult gloves, but not Wilson. They make sure that all of their gloves are high quality products. Hard working players can trust Wilson. This is due to the fact that they are one of the hardest working companies in the game today.

Watch your young player be spectacular, with this Wilson A360 12 inch youth baseball glove on their hand. So, give them their best chance to be successful this year in the field. Order one of these Wilson gloves today. Model: WBW10018712, WBW10018812