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Wilson A2K Infield Glove and Outfield Gloves

There are several Wilson A2K infield glove  models to choose from. The most popular is the A2K 1786. This 11.5 inch model is ideal for both middle infield positions. The I-web is the web of choice for serious infielders.

In the outfield you can use the same Wilson A2k outfield glove that stars like Mookie Betts uses.  The Wilson Mookie Betts A2K, or MB50 model, is a 12.5 inch model that has a flashy color design. Get the right A2K glove today from baseball Bargains.

Wilson A2K Catchers Mitt and First Base Glove

The Wilson A2K catchers mitt and first base glove are stand outs this year. Every year Wilson remasters the models of this series to offer a new look. The Wilson A2K catchers mitt is once again one of the sharpest looking mitts on the market. With professionals now involved in the making of these gloves, you can wear a the same model the pros are wearing. So check out all of the models currently available on our website. Meanwhile, the A2K first base glove which is the game model of Jose Abreu has a single post web and is available for both right and left hand throwers. Wilson gloves are always among the most popular every year. That's because they provide quality year after year. This series of Wilson baseball gloves are the cream of the crop. So, be sure to peruse our selection and pick out you next Wilson A2K glove.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Wilson A2K Gloves

Getting the most information you can before you choose your glove will help you select the best model for your needs.

What Makes a Wilson A2K Glove Unique?

The combination of a soft feel and it's durability.  Most gloves that are as durable as the Wilson A2K gloves are much harder when you get them.  It takes longer to break them in since they are so hard.  The high grade leather used to make A2K gloves is treated with oils to soften it before the glove is constructed.  This is what gives the Wilson A2k gloves such a soft feel and quick break in.

Do MLB Players use Wilson A2K Gloves?

You can't watch an MLB game without seeing a Wilson A2K glove. They are extremely popular in the Major Leagues.  Players like Mookie Betts, Ozzie Albies and Juan Soto all have game models available in the Wilson A2K glove series. 

What is the difference between a Wilson A2k and Wilson A200 glove?

The pretreatment of the leather before the glove is made.  Both glove series are made with Pro Stock leather, but the Wilson A2K series uses oils to soften and strengthen the leather before the glove models are constructed. Both the A2K gloves and the Wilson A2000 gloves are high quality gloves and are two of the most popular glove series year after year.