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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Under Armour Gear

Getting the most information you can before you choose your catchers gear will help you select the best model for your needs.

Does Under Armour Make Only Baseball Catchers Gear?

Under Armour does make women's fastpitch softball catchers equipment. They have the Victory Series line that is the same quality as the boys line, but the pieces are sized to match the female form. They also have a women's Pro Fastpitch series as well for those looking for a higher quality line of fastpitch softball catchers equipment.

What Under Armour Set Will Fit my 8 Year Old Son?

The Under Armour Victory Series youth catchers set UACKCC4-YVS is sized to fit ages 7-9. You can buy it as a set, or individually by the piece. 

What is the Most Popular Under Armour Catcher's Gear?

The Under Armour Victory Series catchers equipment is their most popular line. The do have a high quality Pro line, but the pricing of the Victory series makes it more popular with consumers.