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Softball Bags

Whether you're a professional or just a youth player, all softball players need softball bags. This is the key to keeping organized and making sure you always have all of your equipment on hand when you need it. With all different models find what is best for you to keep your organization to a maximum. Different styles that are on the market include batpack bags, catchers bags, duffel bags, rolling softball bags, and team bags. Each have a different purpose, so know what you are looking for. There are different uses, and different times that are better suited for some bags. These are important to look out for and should be your main priority in purchasing your new softball bag.


Batpack bags are becoming more and more popular, since they have first made an appearance on the market. Essentially, they are backpacks with slots that will hold your softball bats These are great for middle infielders and players that do not require a lot of equipment. If you have your bat, glove, and a batting helmet, then these types of bags are great for you. You will not have to lug around a huge bag just for a few pieces of equipment.

Catchers Bags

Softball catchers bags are obviously for catchers. These bags will be able to hold much more equipment, as they need to carry all of the catcher's equipment, and regular equipment that a player needs. Some catcher's bags also have wheels in order to make transporting equipment easier. If you're a catcher this type of bag is a must.

Duffel Bags

Duffel bags can have many different purposes. They can be used to store your average baseball equipment like a batpack. Or, it can hold a change of clothes or clothes for practice that you might need later. Duffel bags are useful for just about anything and everything that you need to hold. If you're going on a team trip for the weekend, get a duffel bag to store the weekend's worth of clothes. These bags are great for just about anything, so it is extremely useful to have one handy. 

Team Bags - Rolling Softball Bags

Team equipment bags are fairly self explanatory, but there may be a little more to them than you might think. They are the largest of bags as they need to hold equipment for the whole team. All teams need extra equipment because you never know what could go wrong and when you'll need an extra glove or bat.  All teams need a bag like this, so get your's today!

So, whether you're looking for something small and compact, or something huge we have one of many softball bags that could be yours. Rolling softball bags on wheels make transporting your equipment almost effortless. Everyone needs something to keep their equipment organized, and if you're struggling to do so check out our selection of softball bags today.

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