Rawlings Covert Duffle Bag COVERT

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Rawlings Covert Duffle Bag COVERT

Rawlings Covert Duffle Bag COVERT

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Rawlings Covert Duffle Bag COVERT Features:

The Rawlings Covert Duffle Bag COVERT is a durable equipment bag perfect for any baseball player, softball player or coach. This bag features multiple, large compartments to organize all of your baseball gear and accessories. This includes your gloves, cleat, lineup cards and more. The bag is also made using heavy-duty vinyl to stave off wear-and-tear. The Rawlings Covert Duffle will keep your equipment safe and easy to carry to and from the field. The best part about the Rawlings Covert Duffle Bag COVERT is it s versatility. Although it looks like a duffle bag, this version of it from Rawlings is so much more than that. With the Rawlings Covert Duffle Bag COVERT, athletes can actually trust their valuables and necessary equipment will be safe inside this bag. The foundation comes made from top quality material guaranteed to hold up over many seasons. Along with holding up against the natural wear and tear of the busy athlete, the bottom of this bag is a durable vinyl designed to protect against moisture. Especially with all of the leather in high-quality baseball and softball gloves, moisture can be particularly dangerous. Thankfully, the brain trust at Rawlings thought to protect players from the danger of dew, rain and other types of moisture. The smaller outward of the Rawlings Covert Duffle Bag COVERT may appear cramped but it is actually quite large with strategic separations throughout. For instance, a ventilated shoe compartment stops the build up of unwanted odors.
  • 26"L x 13"W x 13"H
  • Removable top panel for personalization
  • Durable vinyl bottom for moisture protection
  • Ventilated shoe compartment
  • Side bat sleeve compartment