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Rawlings Catchers Mask

The Rawlings catchers mask is one of the best pieces of baseball equipment that you can buy. Rawlings makes baseball gear for everyone from little league to the Major Leagues. If you like to watch baseball on TV you have definitely seen major league players using Rawlings gear. Many major league catchers wear a Rawlings catchers mask. You have heard of Rawlings for another reason too. The award given to the major league player who plays the best defense at each position is given the "Rawlings Gold Glove" Award. That also means that the BEST catchers in the major leagues where a Rawlings catchers mask as part of their equipment. The winners of the Rawlings Golf Glove award use Rawlings equipment.

Two Piece and Hockey Style Facemask

The catchers masks made by Rawlings include both two piece and hockey style facemask models.You can pick a two piece set that has a skull cap and a separate catchers mask. This is probably what you think of when you think of what a catchers mask is. The other kind looks more like a mask that a hockey goalie would wear. These can both be good choices, depending on what you like. Some catchers like to have their whole head covered, so the like to have the hockey style mask. In addition, many youth leagues require the hockey style mask. Others like to have the 2 piece skullcap and mask so they can get their mask on and off easier and faster. This type will protect you too, but it doesn't cover your ears and the back of the head like the hockey mask style. Rawlings makes excellent catchers gear. They are well known for the their entire set of fielders gloves and for their catchers equipment. It is very important for a catcher to feel safe and comfortable behind the plate. Starting with the leg guards and topping it off with a rawlings catchers mask, it is a great choice if you are the catcher for your baseball team. So, check out all of your options on our website today.

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