Rawlings Lightweight Catchers Face Mask

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Rawlings Lightweight Catchers Face Mask | LWMXTI

Rawlings Lightweight Catchers Face Mask | LWMXTI

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Product Type: Catchers Gear
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Rawlings Lightweight Catchers Face Mask | LWMXTI Features:

The Rawlings Lightweight Catchers Face Mask LWMXTI is a durable lightweight, featuring impeccable titanium wire. The Pro Dri Plus lining does away with moisture, utilizing anti-bacterial technology to keep you cool and clean. The cage interior is painted black to reduce glare, allowing for optimal vision. Up your performance and protection behind the plate with the LWMXTI Rawlings Lightweight Catchers Face Mask. With this mask comes the opportunity to look fear in the eye and say, "bring it on." Any catcher who constantly flinches will not earn the admiration, nor the self-confidence, they crave. But with the Rawling s lightweight mask, spectators will notice how productive and fearless you are behind the plate. Luckily, the mask is as intimidating as it is bacteria repelling. If you want the safest option physically and internally, you cannot go wrong with the mask that terminates sweat, bacteria and fastballs with ease. In spite of its lightweight construction, the face mask combats fastballs with the best in the class. It prides itself on looking cool, and feeling even cooler. Players who have gone through countless amount of masks each season, either always breaking them or finding flaws, should look no further than the new Rawlings lightweight mask. It is a mask with such a secure fit, and optimal vision, that two innings in you will not be constantly adjusting it like you did with masks of the past.
  • Ultra-lightweight titanium wire construction
  • Pro Dri Plus fabric covered pads
  • Anti-bacterial technology
  • PWMH harness
  • Black interior cage for glare reduction, optimal vision