Rawlings Two Tone Matte Catchers Helmet CHMCH

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Rawlings Two Tone Matte Catchers Helmet CHMCH

Rawlings Two Tone Matte Catchers Helmet CHMCH

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Rawlings Two Tone Matte Catchers Helmet CHMCH

The Rawlings Two Tone Matte Catchers Helmet offers catchers a mask that they can rely on game after game, year after year. Rawlings pays attention to every little detail that catchers need and want in their masks, so they can produce a product for the players. They pay attention to the comfort, protection, vision and fit of the helmet to make sure it is everything you need to just focus on the game. They even make sure the mask looks great for you out on the field to increase confidence. For many players the phrase,  you look good, you feel good, you play good is a very true statement. A great example of this is the Mach shell of the mask providing a sleeker profile and an optimized ventilation for comfort on hot days.

Rawlings Catchers Helmet

Rawlings uses IMPAX foam to optimize the performance of your catcher's mask. This new foam works for years to come, providing you with excellent performance. It protects you by having the foam absorb and disperse the force of the ball. This means that one specific spot doesn't take all of the impact, and it deadens the force by doing this. Rawlings designed a new chin strap for the Rawlings Two Tone Matte Catchers Helmet CHMACH in order to give players more comfort and provide them with a better fit. The cage allows for great visibility and is extremely strong and impact resistant.

Besides being extremely comfortable and protective, the mask also looks fantastic. The two-tone matte finish gives you the best look on the field. It comes in black, green, navy blue, royal blue, and scarlet. For individual comfort, there is an adjustable back plate and chin strap. Rawlings gives players everything they need and more with this great piece of equipment. Come get it today at our website!