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The difference between "out" and "safe" might come down to your Mizuno molded cleats. Since baseball and softball are games where inches count as much as seconds, you need good ground-grip. You need cleats that don't just skim the ground but grab it. Good cleats will grind into wet grass, dirt, mud, or hard-packed earth. Players need that split-second advantage running bases. Baseball and softball are games of whip-snap reactions and explosive push-offs with less than a moment's notice. Good players need shoes that will help gain every inch of ground. Founded in 1906, Mizuno is a sports equipment company that knows what it's doing, and its molded cleats are one outstanding example. Solid and strong, these 9-spike cleats are specifically for use on all types of baseball and softball terrain. With a stable, tested design of spikes permanently fixed to the bottom of the shoe, Mizuno molded cleats are extremely effective on most surfaces. Actually, the Mizuno models go anywhere, including grass, concrete, asphalt, or dirt. In wet, muddy conditions where metal spikes would bog you down, Mizuno molded cleats give you grip and bounce. They fulfill your need for speed. Mizuno Baseball and Softball Cleats Durability Most amazingly, you don't sacrifice shoe quality in buying Mizuno baseball or softball cleats. You also don't have to take out a second mortgage to buy them. In models such as its 9-spike series, Mizuno focuses its energies on growing technical excellence. Featuring a classic, simple design for the upper, Mizuno manufactures its molded cleats from a specifically designed outsole rubber made with baseball in mind. Comfortably wide and highly durable, the Mizuno molded cleats are made to last an athlete far beyond one season. To make sure athletes last more than one inning, Mizuno includes a full-length midsole to soothe and protect their feet. Bottom line, for a very affordable price point, durability, and solid construction, Mizuno molded cleats are the way to go. You might say Mizuno's got your bases covered. Check out the selection below.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Mizuno molded baseball cleats

Getting the most information about our Mizuno molded baseball cleats will help you choose the best model for your needs.

Are There Different Types of Models of Mizuno Molded Cleats

Yes, the are either lows or mids. Mids give the ankle more support and protection while the lows are typically lighter and allow for more range of motion.

Will Mizuno Molded Cleats Work for Softball?

Absolutely! Most softball leagues require molded cleats. It is uncommon for a softball league to allow metal cleats. However, if your league allows them and you want to check out our selection, just search our site for Mizuno metal cleats.

Do Mizuno Baseball Cleats Run Small or Large?

Mizuno baseball cleats are a little narrower than most other brands on the market. It is wise to go up at least half a size to get the fit you want.