Mizuno Ambition 2 Low Turf Shoe

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Mizuno Ambition 2 Low Turf Shoe

Mizuno Ambition 2 Low Turf Shoe

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Mizuno Ambition 2 Low Turf Shoe

The Mizuno Ambition 2 Low Turf Shoe provides an all in one service to you and your feet. This is because the design of these turf shoes is made for all different playing surfaces. Whether its artificial turf, grass, or any indoor facility surface you will be able to have some of the best traction and play to your full potential. The pair of shoes or cleats you wear on the field have a big influence on how you play. With better cleats, you will be able to move freely and have great traction to either dig into the box or make a play in the field. This is why Mizuno took great care into designing these shoes. They wanted to provide a dominant shoe and when you put them on you will see they did their job. The features of these cleats is truly what makes them so great.

Mizuno Turf Shoes Features

These Mizuno turf shoes are the result of extensive research. By looking at multiple foot directions and pressure points of players’ feet, Mizuno came up with this design to provide the best cleat for any surface. The EVA midsole gives you the comfort you need to get through the game and even into extra innings. The L-shaped studs improve the grip of your cleat and have less deformation for unmatched durability. The high, dense, multi-directional studs help players keep a stable base which is key when hitting and throwing. The Wave technology takes away the shock and pressure from planting your foot which helps when you are planting your foot. The Mizuno brand is one that has been built over years of refining products and providing better equipment to players consistently over time. This helps Mizuno stay as one of the best manufacturers in the game. If players are happy with the products they receive, they will come back and there are many loyal Mizuno fans eager to tell you; you are not making a mistake. So, come to our website today and get your new favorite pair of baseball shoes today!

  • All-Surface Design
  • Dominant AS Design
  • Low-Cut
  • Weight: 9.8 oz
  • 320632