Mizuno Dominant Mid Mens Turf Shoe

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Mizuno Dominant Mid Mens Turf Shoe

Mizuno Dominant Mid Mens Turf Shoe

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Mizuno Dominant Mid Mens Turf Shoe 320564

The Mizuno Dominant Mid Mens Turf Shoe is an all in one shoe that gives you versatility and high performance. Mizuno shows their worth to its customers with this excellent product. Carrying around multiple pair of cleats can be annoying and there is no worse feeling than having the wrong pair for the field you’re playing or being misinformed on the type of field. The Dominant Mid mens turf shoe solves this problem by giving you a shoe that you can wear on grass, turf, and the various types of indoor surfaces. The design aims to maximize performance on all of these playing surfaces. The designers of this shoe looked at different foot directions and pressure points on all surfaces to create the perfect traction for all surfaces.

Mizuno Turf Shoes Features

These Mizuno turf shoes perform like no other pair of cleats on the market. The high, dense, multi-directional stud configuration helps you stay stable in the field and you will be able to truly dig in the box and create the most power possible. The EVA midsole allows for heel to toe cushioning that provides the utmost comfort. Your feet will never hurt after a game when wearing these. To maximize traction and give you the best movement possible, the 9 SPIKE design strategically positions its spikes. To help relieve the shock that goes to your ankles while planting your feet, Mizuno uses their Wave technology. This allows for players to maintain a stable base. To enhance the grip on the field, the L-shaped studs are utilized and also allow for less deformation. With these excellent features, there is no reason you should not buy these exceptional all in one shoe. Mizuno has your back and so do we, help your game improve.

  • All-Surface Design
  • Dominant AS Design
  • Mid-Cut
  • Weight: 10.7oz
  • 320564