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Frequently Asked Questions About Our 1st Baseman Glove Models

Getting the most information you can before you buy will help you choose the best first baseman glove for your needs.

What Size 1st baseman glove Should I Buy?

First, you need to make sure that you do not buy a glove that is too large for you to handle. This is especially important when buying a 1st baseman glove for a child. However, in adult sizing, there is not a huge difference in a 12.25 and a 13 inch model. If you have a very large hand you should consider the latter, otherwise a 12.25 or 12.5 inch first base mitt will be ideal.

Do all First Base Gloves come in both Right Hand Throw and Left Hand Throw?

Yes, unlike fielders gloves and catchers mitts that sometimes are only available in right hand throw, all first baseman gloves are made in both right hand throw and left hand throw models.

Can you use a baseball First Baseman's Glove for Softball?

That depends on the model you purchase.  You will need a model with a large pocket if you are going to use it for softball. It would be more ideal to buy one of our softball first base gloves. They are designed with a large pocket that can handle a softball.