Marucci Oxbow Series 12.75 inch First Base Glove

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Marucci Oxbow Series 12.75 inch First Base Glove

Marucci Oxbow Series 12.75 inch First Base Glove

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Marucci Oxbow Series 12.75 inch First Base Glove

The Marucci Oxbow Series 12.75 inch first base glove is a great model for all of your first base needs. To start, they have implemented a double H-web. The double H-Web allows players to have all the surface area they need to work with. Also, with the wider pocket, it gives you a couple more inches of range. Baseball is a game of inches so it is amazing to have this. Additionally, it will make picking the ball out of the dirt a lot easier. You will be able to snag the ball not matter what direction it bounces in. Thus, your pitcher and infielders will love you as you bail them out. When you are buying an high value glove, you want to find a company that has a great fan base and trust from the players. With Marucci, you get both of these wonderful characteristics. They have been able to build up in this fan base with their wood bats. They also sell some of the best wood bats in the game and have arguably the best MLB representation. Marucci has some of the best hitters in the league using their bats. Now, they are taking this success into the glove industry. So pick up yours from Baseball Bargains today!

Marucci First Base Gloves Features

Some features to mention about these Marucci first base gloves are the single post web for a wider web and pocket. Also, they handcraft the shell of these gloves out of full grain cowhide leather. This leather is very tough and durable so you will be able to use this glove for many years to come.
  • Shape: First Base
  • Depth: Deep Full-grain cowhide leather shell
  • Supple leather palm lining with added cushioning
  • Smooth microfiber wrist lining with high-density memory foam
  • Professional-grade rawhide laces for durability
  • Available in right-hand throw or left-hand throw
  • Recommended for first base
  • MFG2OX38S1