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DeMarini Bats

DeMarini Bats have been at the top of the baseball world for many years now. Dating back to the mid 1990's, these bats got the nickname the "Mercedes of Bats." This is a tough name to live up to as Mercedes is one of the best car companies in the world, if not the most well known. DeMarini began in 1989. In 1989, founder, Ray DeMarini, made a softball bat that out performed the rest of the competition. Wilson Sporting goods acquired the DeMarini company in 2000. However, they still manufacture bats at their original factory in Oregon. DeMarini has some awesome bats out right now. In baseball, they have the CF series and the Voodoo bats, and in softball, they have the the CF fastpitch series.

CF Zen

In baseball bats, the CF series is the best line of Demarini bats. DeMarini has perfected the bat for the power hitter. They put a little bit more weight towards the top of the bat, allowing for a centralized swing and denser sweet spot. This allows the batter to hit the ball farther and harder. They have the power hitter in mind every time they produce this bat. The CF series comes in a -3 BBCOR, Big Barrel -10, -8, -5. It has an option for any serious power hitting baseball player. Thus, DeMarini bats are for the serious player. As a result, you will get your moneys worth out of this bat, and plenty of doubles and home runs.

Voodoo Bats

The Voodoo bats are another great series of DeMarini bats. The Voodoo is also intended for the for the power hitter as the top of the bat is also a little bit heavier than the handle, allowing for that centralized swing that creates power. Even if you aren't a power hitter you can still use this bat as it isn't overly top heavy. It is just enough to allow hitters to get more behind the ball. The Voodoo is another of the great Demarini bats. It is available for a more affordable price than the CF series bats.  So, an option like the Voodoo bats is always a solid choice.

CF Fastpitch Softball Bats

The CF fastpitch softball bats are one of the premier softball bat lines on the market. These DeMarini bats are available in -11, -10, -9, -8 and are one of the top bats out there. These bats are made out of carbon fibers that are 22% stronger than older models. So, that means this is the best bat they have produced and will allow you to hit the ball farther than ever. With these CF fastpitch softball bats, the vibrations from poor contact will only increase the amount of power put into the ball. When you get jammed, the handle of the bat redirects the vibrations into the barrel of the bat, increasing your chance of a hit. 

So get every advantage at the plate with one of these DeMarini bats.  Your batting average will thank you!

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