DeMarini Voodoo USA Baseball Bat Drop 10 DXUD2-21

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DeMarini Voodoo USA Baseball Bat Drop 10 DXUD2-21

DeMarini Voodoo USA Baseball Bat Drop 10 DXUD2-21

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DeMarini Voodoo USA Baseball Bat Drop 10 DXUD2-21

The DeMarini Voodoo USA baseball bat drop 10 WTDXUD2-21 meets the USA standards. To meet the USA standard of bats, DeMarini is releasing this Voodoo USA bat WTDXUD2-21. The main difference from this bat and previous youth baseball bats is that the barrel is 2 and 5/8 inches which is extremely different from the old standard of 2 and 1/4 inches. This new barrel diameter will help players make more contact with bats and lead them to more success. Don t worry, this doesn't mean that players will have more power, just more room to hit the sweet spot. So, although the ball won t come off the bat any faster, there will likely be more hits. This is because there is simply more of the barrel for the ball to hit. So, let s get into the features of this bat and not exactly the standards that the bat must meet. DeMarini gives youth players a X14 alloy on this great bat. This alloy differs from aluminum and has a more precise weight distribution for a more lightweight feel. There is also extra pop, so you can hit the ball farther. There is also DeMarini's very own 3Fusion technology in both the handle and end cap. What this technology does is optimize the weight distribution and the sweet spot. This model has a length to width ratio of minus 10. With this piece of equipment, there s no telling what you will not be able to do out on the field.

DeMarini USA Baseball Bats

DeMarini USA baseball bats use the newest technologies to get you the most from your bat. DeMarini is a company that continually innovates all of their products and the DeMarini Voodoo USA baseball bat drop 10 is no exception. This is a company that changes along with the times and again this bat is the perfect example. With the USA baseball standard, DeMarini does their all to make the best possible bat for young players in the game. So, get one of these new DeMarini USA baseball bats here at Baseball Bargains.


 Model: WTDXUD2-21