DeMarini D110 Pro Maple WTDX110BO18 Wood Composite Baseball Bat (-3)

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DeMarini D110 Pro Maple WTDX110BO18 Wood Composite Baseball Bat (-3)

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DeMarini D110 Pro Maple WTDX110BO18 Wood Composite Baseball Bat Drop 3

The DeMarini D110 Pro Maple WTDX110BO18 is a great option fro a wood composite bat on the market today. The three types of material that make up the bats of today are wood, composite and alloy. Within these categories there are variations of these types of materials to make bats. For example wood bats are generally either maple, birch, or ash. But, DeMarini improvises for the BBCOR standard and combines both wood and composite to make an extraordinary drop 3 bat. With the DeMarini D110 Pro Maple WTDX110BO18 wood composite baseball bat, you get the best of both worlds, as you get great flex and pop from composite and the sturdiness of wood. This results in great hitting that will help players everywhere control their swings and launch the ball. Some believe this is better for players in comparison to all metal BBCOR bats. So, be sure to consider these Demarini wood bats when loom=king for a BBCOR baseball bat. The best way to decide if these Demarini wood bats are the right fit for you is to test out the bat. Or if you are sick of metal and want something different, just make the change. The crack of a wood bat is quite possibly the best sound in baseball, so your ears will enjoy the sound. The 110 cut is one of the most popular in baseball, so you ll be sure to enjoy this bat. There is a very balanced feel to the bat. Therefore, you will get the bat through the zone with extreme ease. The pro maple wood is very strong and durable. It is one of the best cuts of wood. It will not break easily on you.

DeMarini Wood Bats:

DeMarini wood bats may not have much recognition in the wood bat department, but they do in composite with their CF series. So, with this you know there is going to be a quality bat in your hand at the end of the day. If this sounds like the ultimate bat for you, come check it out at out Baseball Bargains website! There is a 1-year manufacturer s warranty on these Demarini wood bats! Model: DX110BO18