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Cheap Wood Baseball Bats

Players looking for cheap wood baseball bats need to consider maple, ash and birch bats. Each type of wood bat has its advantages. So, playing style becomes a major factor in choosing the right wooden bat.

Affordable Maple Baseball Bats

Players who have a great form allowing them to consistently hit the ball need to consider maple bats.  Maple is one of the strongest woods. So, it is easy to get the distance you need to make a game winning home run with a maple bat. Players who often hit the ball far down the barrel are usually happiest with a cheap wood baseball bat made of maple. Cheap maple bats have the shortest sweet spot, so they are best left for players with experience.

Cheap Ash Baseball Bats

Players have chosen ash bats for a very long time because ash is one of the lightest woods. Therefore, players often find that their swing time is faster allowing them to put more balls in play. Cheap wood baseball bats made of ash allow hitters an affordable option to players looking to make contact. . These bats are best for players looking to increase their swing speed and have better bat control.

Birch Wooden Bats for Less

Players who tend to hit the ball off the end of the barrel need to consider cheap wood baseball bats made of birch as they are more durable than ash or maple. These bats are great for players who normally use an end loaded aluminum bat. This is because they swing more like a power hitter bat. Birch bats have more density. Therefore, they tend to have a slightly heavier feel, since the barrel has most of the weight. You can get these quality wooden bats cheap at Baseball Bargains. Players need to consider the type of cheap wood bats that meet their playing style the best. Maple bats are a great choice for long-ball hitters who consistently have great form. Ash bats are best for players who are looking to keep the ball in play. Finally, birch bats are a great choice for those looking to try a cheap wood bat that can drive the ball with authority.

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