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Mizuno Franchise Series: GXC90B4 Catcher's Mitt

Mizuno prioritizes developing the most exclusive line of ball gloves. And their Franchise series is no slouch. This series features a high performance, full grain leather shell in a youth transitional size. This provides the perfect finger stall. Additional features include:
  • Full Grain Leather Shell and Laced Binding: Premium quality design with great durability.
  • Comfortable, hand based patterns: Sets your pocket under the web and helps to shape your glove like a pro.
  • Parashock Plus Palm Pad: Ortholite palm pad reduces sting and deadens the ball at impact.
  • MZO Lining: Disperses perspiration away from the skin.
  • HiLo Lacing: Alternating lace pattern retains the integrity of a fully-laced web with greater flexibility.
  • The full grain leather shell and lace provides a comfortable feel in a durable mitt. MZO lining lends an unsurpassed feel and keeps your hand dry. The Parashock Plus Palm is designed to disperse shock and sting of hard throws while providing enhanced comfort. A closed back and a reinforced closed web round out this performance plus defensive juggernaut.

    Rawlings Renegade 32.5 Inch Catchers Mitt:

    The Rawlings Renegade 32.5 inch catchers mitt fits the 13 year old ballplayer perfectly. Its slightly smaller than what the average amateur ballplayer at the older age levels is accustomed to using. Therefore, you could probably let your youngster break in at as early as 10 years old and let it ride along with them through their 13th year before upgrading. It is a durable defensive performer that embraces the challenges bestowed upon it. You'll be able to call a great game and block everything in sight with the Renegade mitt's leather palm construction and extended shape retention. Moreover, the glove features a closed, one piece web design. This forms a deep, secure pocket for you to control with ease for multiple years on end.   Find the glove that's right for them and then they will be well on their way. Even let them lead the search. It's their glove after all. So make it happen for them today. Then and only then will you both experience feelings of the utmost reward.

    Wilson A2000 Pedroia Fit

    The Wilson A2000 Pedroia fitcatchers mitt is designed for the serious teenage catcher who eats and sleeps the catchers position. The Pedroia fit design provides smaller finger stalls to fit the teenage hand snuggly. This gives the catcher the necessary control of the catchers mitt. The Pro Stock leather is known for it's durability. You will have this glove in your bag for many seasons. You will more than likely outgrow the model before it wears out.