Marucci Krewe Series 32 inch Catchers Mitt

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Marucci Krewe Series 32 inch Catchers Mitt

Marucci Krewe Series 32 inch Catchers Mitt

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Marucci Krewe Series 32 inch Catchers Mitt

The Marucci Krewe Series 32 inch catchers mitt is one of the best gloves for young players on the market today. This mitt is a great way to improve your game behind the plate. To start, one of the most important aspects to this glove is the soft tumble cowhide shell leather. This leather is going to last you for many years to come. As you can tell, it is very durable and has a great longevity. And, it is also on the softer side which allows youth players a easier break-in. This allows players to break the glove in the way they want to. And, it will feel better since it fits you better. When you are buying a high end glove, you want to buy it from a high quality company. Marucci is a high quality company as they have a very good history with the game of baseball. They have been one of the biggest leaders in wood bats and have changed the game with their maple bats. They have moved on to other woods, but their maple bats are still a market leader.

Marucci Youth Catchers Mitt Features

Some other features to mention about this Marucci youth catchers mitt include the smaller wrist strap and tighter hand opening. These two additions to this glove allow the young players to have total control of the glove. So, you can frame the ball better and you will be able to catch every ball that comes in your direction. Also, there is a index finger pad so if you are catching in the cold or the pitcher is throwing gas, you won t destroy your finger. Therefore, you should consider a Marucci glove model for your next purchase.
  • Shape: Tapered
  • Depth: Medium
  • Smooth cowhide leather shell
  • Supple leather palm lining with added cushioning
  • Narrow-tapered hand stall sizing for ideal fit
  • Smooth microfiber wrist lining and finger lining
  • Available in right-hand throw or left-hand throw
  • Recommended for catcher