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Baseball helmets with face guards will help protect you from the dangers of hitting. Very few ballplayers actually understand the dangers of standing in the batter's box. However, players, coaches, and spectators are all becoming more informed on the dangers of the game of baseball. With this knowledge, awareness has increased and so has the number of baseball helmets with face guards. Face guards can prevent potentially serious injuries. As seen after Giancarlo Stanton got hit in the face by a pitch a few years ago, he and other MLB players are now opting to use some form of facial coverage. Whether it be a face mask or a simple extension of the ear flap of the helmet, staying safe should always be the number one concern. Here are some great masks and how to narrow down your search.

Brand of Helmets with Face Guards

One of the best ways to help you narrow down your search for helmets with a face guard is to look into the brand the helmet and mask comes from. Some brands that manufacture great helmets and face guards include Demarini, Under Armour, All Star and Rawlings. These brands make it their mission to keep ballplayers safe on the field. Anyone looking to purchase baseball helmets with face guards needs to consider doing so from these four brands. Check out all of the helmets with face guards above.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Baseball Helmets with Face Guards

Getting the most information you can before you choose your baseball helmets with face guards will help you select the best model to meet your needs.

Can you add a Face Mask to a Baseball Helmet?

Yes, you can. But be sure it is a baseball facemask made for the model helmet you have. Not every facemask will fit every helmet.

Are Baseball Helmets with Face Guards Mandatory for Youth Baseball?

No, they are not mandatory. Some leagues do require them for T-ball and lower levels of play. But, by and large you do not have to have a face mask on your helmet for baseball. However, helmets with face masks are required for fastpitch softball leagues..

What Baseball Face Guard is Best for a Player's Vision?

All face masks provide similar vision as they have to be designed to keep a baseball from penetrating the mask. The most important aspect when picking out a face mask for a baseball helmet is that the mask and helmet are compatible. You will need a mask made by the manufacturer of your helmet, and you need to make sure that is designed to be able to be attached to your helmet model.