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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Baseball Gloves for Sale

Here are some things to consider when choosing your next baseball glove.

How do I Choose a Baseball Glove from such a Large Selection?

To narrow down the options, decide the size basebll glove you need based on the position you play. Then, determine the price you are willing to pay. Those are the two most important factors. Other factors that will help you pick the right glove are the webbing you like and the color or look of the glove you want.

Which Brand Makes the Best Baseball Glove?

All of the glove brands we carry make great baseball gloves. Rawlings and Wilson are the most well known brands as they have been around the longest. However, brands like Mizuno, Akadema and Marucci to name a few, all make high quality gloves for baseball

If I Play Multiple Positions What Size Baseball Glove Should I Buy?

That depends on the positions you play. You want to make sure that your glove helps you make all of the plays. If you are a middle infielder you can use a glove from 11 inch to 11.5 inch to play both second base and shortstop. If you pitch and play third an 11.75 to 12 inch glove will work nicely for both. However, if you are both a middle infielder and an outfielder, you really should consider having two gloves in your bag.