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Baseball Gear Bags

Baseball Gear Bags come in all shapes and sizes. They have different styles as well. The two best styles out there are Bat Packs and Wheel bags. Both of these bags are great for all players as they don't put any added stress on your shoulder or upper and lower back after a long game. These two styles of bags are perfect to avoid any unnecessary aches and pains. These bags are all perfect for after all after game walks back to the parking lot. Both these bags are combating against the classic duffel bag set for baseball. The duffel bags are put over your shoulder and you have to carry the full weight of your gear, bats, and maybe even cleats. Also, these bags can lead to aches and pains in your shoulders and backs due to the extra stress. Everyone has the experience of torture from duffel bags.

Bat Packs

To start, Bat Packs. Bat Packs are the ideal baseball gear bags as they fit all of your equipment. This is unless you are a catcher. It is impossible to get leg guards and a second helmet in a bag of that size. But, for almost all position players and pitchers, this bag is perfect. It has more than enough size for your glove or gloves, helmet, bat, and any other items you have. The bat pack is the same style as a backpack as it goes over both shoulders and sits on your back. It is great for after games as the weight is balanced on your shoulders and you don't have the stress on one. This keeps you from having shoulder and back aches. Bat packs are currently the most popular style of baseball gear bags.

Wheel Bags

Lastly, Wheel bags. These bags are perfect for catchers or any players that have too much gear to stuff in their bat packs. Wheel bags have a ton of space. You are able to store a lot gloves, bats, helmets, and more. Most have a protective case or pocket for you to store any valuables such as phones and jewelry. These bags are also great for players who have a lot of bats. If you play in a metal bat league and a wood bat league, chances are you have three or four bats. Most bat packs don't have enough storage for all these bats. So, a wheel bag has about four to six, so you have plenty of space for bats. And, instead of putting the weight on your shoulders, you can just wheel these bags back to the lot with no hassle. These are great baseball gear bags for players with a lot to transport.
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